angry goth problems: I own at least four things of black nail polish so why the fuck can’t I find a single one


So I own a fishnet shirt now. It’s kinda weird that you can just…go to the mall and acquire such an item.

-old man voice- Back in my day us spooky types had to make our own fishnet shirts by cutting up old fishnet tights.


So many people online seem to think I’m a dominatrix, and I was confused at first, but then I realized that that’s pretty much my look to be honest. 


i remember when i was little and i would watch a show that had a goth person and i would think “i’m never gonna do that stuff” but here i am


I don’t have nightmares; I am nightmares


Me: I can’t decide on what to wear to the club tomorrow!

Friend: Why don’t you wear a your black dress?


Me: Um…which one?

Friend: The black one with the ruffles.



Me:…which black one with the ruffles?

Friend: Oooh! Lace! It has lace!

Me: When was the last time you’ve looked at my closet?


Goth problem: non goth people trying to tell you about your own subculture and rating your “gothiness”. Like seriously, shut the fuck up you don’t even know what you’re talking about.



Scientists have developed a material so dark that you can’t see it.

"I’m only wearing black until they invent something darker."

"what are you wearing?"


You know you’re goth when the wings on your eyeliner start flapping


It’s that time again. Michael’s seems to understand my needs.



It’s that time again. Michael’s seems to understand my needs.


Signs of an Elder Goth?


You’ve seen the “Goth Look” get co-opted by mainstream fashion so many times that you no longer get snarky and dramatic about it- instead, you patiently wait for the trend to fall out of vogue so you can score great clearance items.

"Seven dollar black lace shirt? Yes, please! Clearance bin of patterned fishnets?? SCORE!"

You know you’re too into Halloween when…


You realize it’s coming up to July and your first thought is “oh shit, almost Halloween season!”

Like, you literally think of Halloween as a 3-month holiday season.

I need help.


It’s always kind of a sad day in a Goth’s life when you realize you’re not excited by Dracula adaptations, you live in fear of them.

It’s hard being goth in summer?


All summer I’m walking with my sun parasol, while other people are dying in the sun shouting pathetically at me that it doesn’t rain.

Who has it hard now sun-burners? <: